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 Coclinta. The taste is better than the pronunciation.

For us, it was easier to call it a pie, but that would have been the end of the story. So, we kept its original name, and we are doing it like the locals in Maramureș are doing it.

We roll out the unleavened dough until is so thin that you can see through it. Then, we add the many variations of filling, from cheese to fish and from meat to spinach, but also sweet ones that make a perfect dessert.

But it’s not done yet. Before joining you at the table, the Coclinta goes in the heated oven until its unique texture becomes smooth, but crunchy.

Then, it only takes one bite to make everyone remember its name, or to simply say: „Another one with…”.

If you want to leave the Coclinta for another time, there are other main courses ready to step in and make you feel good that you chose our place.

Enjoy your meal!

“Ce-ți doresc eu ție?” salt gourmet pie 300g


Coclintă “de glorii”

“telemea” cheese, sour cream 33 Lei

Coclintă “de dor”

mixt aged cheese 33 Lei

Coclintă “tricoloare”

spinach, cheese and olives 33 Lei

Coclintă “de tărie”

fish, olives, cheese, vegetables 33 Lei

Coclintă “de pace”

ham, mushrooms, cheese 32 Lei

Coclintă “de vitejie”

chicken, cheese, bell peppers 33 Lei

Coclintă “fală și mândrie”

duck confit, cabbage, cheese 35 Lei

Coclintă “spună lumii”

sheep sausage, cheese, olives 33 Lei

Coclintă “în frăție”

beef pastrami, cheese 36 Lei

Coclintă “țara mea”

“mangalita” pork, pickles 36 Lei


“La trecutu-ți mare, mare viitor!”sweet gourmet pie


Coclintă “surâzând”

cream fresh, honey 300g, 32 Lei

Coclintă “cu amor”

cream fresh, fruits 300g, 34 Lei

Coclintă “dulce Românie”

cheese and raisins 350g, 36 Lei

Coclintă “ca a nopții stele”

chocolate 300g, 35 Lei

Homemade chocolate cake 275g, 26 Lei


“… a zilei zori”




* Romanian poached eggs served with sauteed spinach and crispy onions 170g, 27 Lei

* Fried eggs served with small side salad and “Telemea” goat cheese 170g, 28 Lei

** Perfect omelet 170g, 28 Lei

Freshly baked bread with butter and choice of honey or jam 250g, 12 Lei

Homemade buttermilk 310ml, 7 Lei




Shepherd salad 250g, 31 Lei

Burrata cheese with tomatoes 320g, 48 Lei

Fresh baby spinach salad with gratin goat cheese 250g, 38 Lei

Marinated anchovy and rocket salad 100g, 29 Lei

Crispy iceberg salad and stir-fry turkey breast 250g, 39 Lei


Small Plates For Sharing


Eggplant salad 180g, 24 Lei

Hummus with pine nuts 130g, 25 Lei

Green olives 130g, 17 Lei

Fish roe spread 120g, 18 Lei

“Telemea” goat cheese 120g, 17 Lei

Duck liver pate 110g, 32 Lei

Homemade bread 90g, 6 Lei




Fruit compote of the day 310ml, 12 Lei

Soup of the day 300g, 18 Lei


* Until 11 am.

** Choose the ingredients.


“… s-aprinde sacru …”


Baked cauliflower with sour cream / tahini sauce 600g, 48 Lei

Salted or hot edamame 200g, 20 Lei

Mozzarella sticks with creamy yogurt sauce 210g, 36 Lei


“… fluture cu vântul Visul tău …”


* Penne with creamy pesto Genovese 350g, 39 Lei

* Penne with cherry tomatoes, mozzarella and basil 400g, 41 Lei

Tagliatelle with veal ragu 450g, 44 Lei

Baked soy marinated salmon & miso sauce 220g, 56 Lei

Turkey breast schnitzel 320g, 57 Lei

Confit duck leg with creamy lentils 280g, 69 Lei

Baked lamb shank with mashed potatoes 350g, 74 Lei

American barbecue pork ribs 450g, 49 Lei

Grilled veal chop 350g, 67 Lei




Sauteed green beans 90g, 14 Lei

French fries 165g, 14 Lei

French fries with garlic and paprika 165g, 15 Lei

French fries with “Telemea” cheese 200g, 16 Lei

French fries with parmesan cheese 180g, 18 Lei

Mashed potatoes 220g, 14 Lei


* Pasta


“… glorii, bucurie”


Still / sparkling water 330ml, 9 Lei / 750ml, 14 Lei

Fruit compote of the day 310ml, 12 Lei

Limonade – lemon / mint / honey 300ml, 19 Lei

Fresh orange or grapefruit 310ml, 19 Lei

Pepsi-Cola / Mirinda / 7up 250ml, 9 Lei

Curiosity Cola 275ml, 16 Lei

Fritz-kola Zero 330ml, 15 Lei

Ginger Beer 275ml, 16 Lei

Indian Tonic Water 200ml, 16 Lei


Cuba Libre, 32 Lei

rum, pepsi-cola, lime

Hugo, 32 Lei

sparkling wine, elderflower syrup, mineral water, fresh mint, lime

Aperol Spritz, 32 Lei

aperol, sparkling wine, orange, mineral water

Amaretto Sour, 32 Lei

amaretto di saronno, lime

Tanqueray, 32 Lei

tanqueray, cucumber, aloe vera, basil, lime

Tanqueray No. Ten, 32 Lei

tanqueray no. ten, grapefruit, white pepper

Gin Mare, 32 Lei

gin mare, green olives, rosemary

Bloom London Gin, 32 Lei

bloom gin, forest fruits

Bombay Sapphire, 32 Lei

bombay gin, fresh mint, pink pepper, mango

Opihr, 32 Lei

ophir gin, cinnamon stick, fresh mint

Monkey 47, 34 Lei

monkey 47 gin, lime, cardamon

“… glorii falnic triumfând”


Hop Hooligans Crowd Control Indian Pale Ale, 6%, 500ml, 29 Lei

Hop Hooligans Sencha Japanese Tea Pale Ale, 5%, 500ml, 29 Lei

Anagram Zen Den IPA, 6%, 330ml, 29 Lei

Anagram Big Sur, 5.4%, 330ml, 29 Lei


Mythos, 500ml, 15 Lei

Fix, 330ml, 14 Lei

Fix Dark, 330ml, 14 Lei


Țuică Zetea, 27 Lei

Pălincă de caise Zetea, 37 Lei

Lichior de prune Zetea, 28 Lei

Jägermeister, 21 Lei


Zacapa 23yo, 45 Lei

Glenmorangie 10yo, single malt, 45 Lei

Johnnie Walker Black Label, 26 Lei

Jack Daniel’s, 25 Lei


Ristretto 25ml, 10 Lei

Espresso forte 40ml, 10 Lei

Lungo forte 110ml, 10 Lei

Espresso doppio 80ml, 15 Lei

Espresso decaffeinato 40ml, 10 Lei

Cappuccino 160ml, 16 Lei

Café latte 330ml, 18 Lei

Hot chocolate 250ml, 18 Lei



“Fiarbă vinu-n cupe, spumege pocalul”


Crâmpoșie Brut, Prince Știrbey, 150 Lei

Cuvee de Purcari Rose Brut, Chardonnay – Pinot Noir, 150 Lei

Frâncușă, Cotnari, 150ml,  21 Lei


Cuvee X, 2017 Lacerta, 125 Lei

Iacob Alb, 2021 Davino, 90 Lei

Alba Valahica Fetească Albă, 2020 Davino, 110 Lei

Terra Romana Sauvignon Blanc – Fetească Albă, 2020 Serve, 80 Lei

Crâmpoșie, 2020 Prince Știrbey, 85 Lei

Sole Chardonnay, 2021 Recaș, 100 Lei

Vinul casei alb, 150ml, 19 Lei


Terra Romana Cuvee Sissi, 2021 Serve, 95 Lei

Domaine Ceptura Rose, 2021 Davino, 120 Lei

Iacob Rose, 2021 Davino, 90 Lei

Vinul casei rose, 150ml, 19 Lei

RED WINE 750ml

Cuvee IX, 2016 Lacerta, 180 Lei

Cuvee Guy de Poix, 2016 Serve, 280 Lei

Flamboyant, 2018 Davino, 280 Lei

Purpura Valahica Fetească Neagră, 2016 Davino, 145 Lei

Iacob Roșu, 2017 Davino, 110 Lei

Via Marchizului Negru de Drăgășani, 2020 Metamorfosis, 110 Lei

Vinul casei roșu, 150ml, 19 Lei